Fixed system for Metal clad roofs

Fixed system for Metal clad roofs

Fixed Roof Guardrail system tested to relevant British Standards.

Provides a secure Guardrail on metal clad roofs.

Purpose made Galvanised metal spreader plates are fixed to an existing roof profile.

These provide a solid foundation for the further connection and construction of the guardrail itself.

A complete collective fall protection guardrail can be constructed giving safe access to a roof area at anytime.

Rails can be suspended on either side of the post, for either configuration.

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  • Roof Edge Guardrail 2.5m Galvanised tube

    Roof Edge Guardrail 2.5m...

    Roo Edge Guardrail / Roof Edge Protection. 2.5 mtr long galvanised tube.
  • A05-8 swivel elbow key clamp 48.3mm

    A05-8 swivel elbow key...

    48.3mm swivel elbow key clamp. Adjusts to angles between 85-180 degrees. Used to change direction of rails.  
  • A06-8 90 degree elbow key clamp 48.3mm

    A06-8 90 degree elbow key...

    90 Degree key clamp Elbow to suit 48.3mm Dia  (Code size 8) - Galvanised.
  • A08-8 external straight tube connector key clamp 48.3mm

    A08-8 external straight...

    48.3mm external straight tube connector key clamp. Straight connector 48.3mm Dia. (Code size 8) Galvanised.
    £3.46 £2.22
  • A10-8 wall end termination plate key clamp 48.3mm

    A10-8 wall end...

    48.3mm wall end termination plate key clamp. Rail Termination Plate, DO NOT use a vertical post support. Suits 48.3mm dia gaurdrail tube (Code size 8). Galvanised nominal weIght 0.60 kg
  • Butyl Sealing Strip 9.6mtr Roll

    Butyl Sealing Strip...

    Butyl Sealing strip in a 9.6 mtr roll. Used to seal fixnig penetraions through metal clad roof. Remains elastic, non setting. One roll should be sufficient to seal 3 spreader base plates, depending on roof corrugation peaks.