Fixed system for Metal clad roofs

Fixed system for Metal clad roofs

Fixed Roof Guardrail system tested to relevant British Standards.

Provides a secure Guardrail on metal clad roofs.

Stock fabricated & galvanised posts with spreader plates are fixed to an existing roof profile.

A complete collective fall protection guardrail can be constructed giving safe access to a roof area at anytime.

Rails and posts can be used in conjuction with 48.3mm key clamp fittings to create the design you require.

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  • 48.3mm internal tube connector. A09-8

    48.3mm internal tube...

    48.3mm internal tube connector key clamp. Galvanised Tube connector, slides inside handrail tube and is expanded by tightening the grub screw. Suitable for 48.3mm dia. (Code size 8 - Max wall thickness 3.2mm)
  • 6.0/6.4mtr long galvanised steel handrail tube 48.3mm diameter

    6.0/6.4mtr long...

    6.0/6.4mtr long galvanised steel handrail tube 48.3mm diameter. Manufactured to EN10255:2004 - Galvanised to EN 10240:A1 - Grade S195T 48.3mm dia - (Code size 8) 6.0/6.4mtr long Galvanised Steel Tube. Nominal weight 26kg (Tubing may have a blue marking on it. The blue marking is a quality system imposed by quality standards. It is applied at the point of manufacture and is totally out of our control. It is a water based paint which is easily removed using wire wool if required.) ***Click Here for Brochure Download***
  • A04-8 long Tee key clamp 48.3mm.

    A04-8 long Tee key clamp...

    48.3mm long Tee key clamp. T Clamp to suit 48.3mm Dia tube-Galvanised. Note - Tube can be joined or passed through the top of the T. If you do not need to join a tube in this T consider the A2 (Short T)
    £3.30 £3.22
  • A05-8 swivel elbow key clamp 48.3mm

    A05-8 swivel elbow key...

    48.3mm swivel elbow key clamp. Adjusts to angles between 85-180 degrees. Used to change direction of rails.  
  • A06-8 90 degree elbow key clamp 48.3mm

    A06-8 90 degree elbow key...

    90 Degree key clamp Elbow to suit 48.3mm Dia  (Code size 8) - Galvanised.
  • A08-8 external straight tube connector key clamp 48.3mm

    A08-8 external straight...

    48.3mm external straight tube connector key clamp. Straight connector 48.3mm Dia. (Code size 8) Galvanised.
    £3.65 £2.35