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Sliding Cantilevered Gate Kits & Hardware

Sliding Cantilevered Gate Kits & Hardware

A range of high quality sliding cantilever gate kits and components from stock at leading UK prices.

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  • Gate End Stop

    Gate End Stop

    Sliding Gate End Stop. Park/Stop support cradle bracket. (2 Required-one for each end of the gate travel) Fixed at the open & closed points of a cantilevered sliding gate. Used in conjunction with the channel end stop wheel. In the fully open or closed position the end of the gate is supported.
  • Sliding Gate Drive Track

    Sliding Gate Drive Track

    2mtr length of Toothed Drive Track
  • Sliding Gate Track-Concrete in

    Sliding Gate...

    Sliding Door Track. 20mm Dia Raised Running Rail. Concrete in.
  • Sliding Gate Track-Floor Fixed

    Sliding Gate Track-Floor...

    Sliding Gate Rack. Floor fixed with a 20mm dia. Running Rail. 3mtr sections.
  • Steel Wheel

    Steel Wheel

    Steel Wheel. Double Bearing. 100mm & 120mm Dia.
  • Steel Wheel & Bracket

    Steel Wheel & Bracket

    Steel Wheel & bracket. 100mm & 120mm Dia. Concave Profile, for use with 20mm Dia. Rail.