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Magnelis® Armco Beams

Magnelis® Armco uses 1.5mm thick Armco beam with a Magnelis® coating and provides a cost effective solution for protection in off-road environments.


  • Excellent corrosion resistance: three times better than galvanised steel (based on outdoor tests)
  • Self-healing effect ensures excellent edge protection
  • Light weight for easy handling
  • Best & most cost-effective alternative to post-galvanised steels
  • Environmentally friendly

Refer to technical document on this product for more info on Magnelis® coating and beam deflection properties- (Click Here)

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3.5mtr Magnelis® Armco Beam

3.5mtr Magnelis® Armco Beam


3.5 mtr, 1.5mm thick Magnelis Armco beam. Effective coverage of 3.2mtr. Refer to technical document on this product f…

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