Powder Coating

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a process that uses a high temperature oven and an electrically charged powder is applied to the material.

The process was designed intially for Alumininum, which is more "Stable" than the Galvanised surface of the items we manufacture.

Galvanising, when heated in an oven, emits gases and oils. At times this can be seen as "pimpling" in the surface of the coating.

This is not detrimental to the longevity of the coating, but customers must be aware this can happen, this is completely outside of our control.

Maximum lengths of tube are 4.0mtr due to oven length restrictions.

Please note you will be charged for a full 6.0mtr length of tube, which we cut down to 4.0 mtr.

If possible, organise your purchase to utilise the off cuts, these of course can be coated as well.

Coating costs £4.00 per mtr of tube, Metal clamps are £4.00, Ball Posts are £15.00.(Please enquire for other items)

The MINIMUM charge for powder coating is £240.00.(This excludes the cost of the materials).

This product is "Transport sensitive" - It will only be shipped on our vehicles to preserve the coated finish from damage - call to discuss transport cost.



  • Powder coating

    Powder coating

    Powder coating is a process applied on top of galvanised tube and clamps. Maximum tube length that can be coated is 4 meters. the cost to powder coat tube is approximatelt £4 per meter extra. The cost to powder coat a clamp is approximately £5. For a firm quotation for powder coating please build your order and e-mail this to us stating clearly the colour required where we will then confirm the costs. Thank you.