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Product Details

Automatic sliding gate programmable operator.


Product Description

Kit includes;

1 x BX78 230 V Motor/operator    

1 x Frequency Radio Card (433,92MHz)

      (For use with key Fob Transmitters)


2 x Key Fob Transmitters / Radio Remote



1 x Pair Safety Photocells

       (A safety device, which when the beam is

        interupted the gate stops)


1 x Antenna


World Leading Advanced High Tech Sliding gate motor.

Digital display for easy programming.

Can be programed to open/close automatically.

Can be used along with remote key fobs & Key Pad.

(Up to 150 users)

This BX range of sliding gate motors can be set

to open just for a short period and only for a pedestrian.

A different code can be given to other users who

may require vehicular access,the motor opens the

gate fully for vehicle entry.

Further, very simple programming can activate

the gate to open fully, stay open until the photocell/s is triggered,

then automatically close.

Wiring of driveway lights to come on is also very simple.

There is an abundance of commands to suit every application,

from a single private dwelling, where only open/close

is required, to a block of flats where open with auto

close is essential for added security.

In the event of a power supply interruption,

a simple clutch mechanism can be disengaged and

the gate slid manually open/closed.

This is a state of the art product.

Full Uk Technical back up and parts.


Product Code: BX-78-Sliding Gate Motor Kit

Manufacturer: Lockinex